Prison Ministeries



Hillsboro SDA Church Prison Ministries
By Lorrie LaFave Brown

Many prisons in the Oregon Conference have Seventh-day Adventist services.

I have been privileged to serve for twenty-two years in the women's maximum security prison starting in the women's prison in Salem and also at the Oregon State Penitentiary for men next door where we have had services for many years.  As a matter of fact, Ellen White visited OSP with three volunteers from the local church in Salem in 1878 where she spoke to the prisoners.  She had to climb up those three flights of stairs.  That has not changed to this day except they have added the fourth floor for us to climb.

We were so pleased that approximately ten years ago the women's prison was moved to the new location in Wilsonville, Coffee Creek Correctional Facility. Much closer to Hillsboro.  At present this facility houses over 400 women. I am grateful to the Lord that we have two services in the prison each week.  I do not know of another church who is so blessed with this many services.

I do the Friday night Bible study and am so grateful for those who are able to go with me from time to time; Annette Maness, Peggy Horne and Josh Anderson.

We also have a Sabbath service in the chapel every Sabbath afternoon.  Each week a different group from various churches in the area go in to do the services.  Our Friday night class size averages over the year with anywhere from 10 to 20 ladies.

We have witnessed many girls over the years who have been baptized and many who have remained faithful to the Lord when they have been released.

We thank the Lord for His marvelous power and for the blessings that come to us who work in the ministry.  If your are interested in joining the army of workers that is helping these women and men to find Jesus and have the victory over the vices and sins that brought them to prison, please consider the Prison Ministry!! We could surely use you!! Contact us.